Tcurity’s fundamental technology is dividing the whole chunk of data into more than 2+ pieces. To restore this back, it has to approve by all of the authorized users.

01 Increasing Data’s security and integrity

‘Tcurity’ divides the whole chunk of data into more than 2+ pieces. Therefore, even if you got some of the split data pieces; It is impossible to restore without WAEM’s restore algorithm.

02 Easy to manage and monitor

Since it is approachable to access all the access and usage information into the database, it is easy to manage and monitor.


‘Pcurity’ is a personal information encryption technology based on data split technology. This product includes data anonymous, complete deletion, and pseudonymization.

01 Tcurity engine’s fundamental technology

02 Pseudonymization

Since the data has been split and modified, It is impossible to restore the original data without another half of the data.


‘LiveCERT’ is a unique and simple authentication service based on the one-time data formulation and split technology.

01 Speciality of ‘LiveCERT’

‘LiveCERT’ provides basic authentication without a password. From a security perspective, detailed usage history is recorded. Therefore, it will reduce the significant probability of a cyber threat.


No password is required. You only need Biometrics and patterns to log in


Prevent the major misuse of information


Prevent password compromised


Open API Authentication system

02 Main function of ‘LiveCERT’

Single Sign-On

Users can log-in to any site via ‘Live CERT’s log-in credential

Login authentication

‘Liver CERT’ notify login attempt notification to users

Account Security

Users can lock the login credential in ‘Live CERT’

Logout authentication

‘Liver CERT’ notify login attempt notification to users

Usage information management

Users can manage their usage history


HapiTalk is a secure chat application that you can split the data (videos, pictures, files, etc.) with multiple users in the chat. This application was developed based on the WAEM’S ‘Data split technology’

01 Prevent information leakage

All the sharing data is split between senders and receivers. Therefore, it is very hard to disclose the information

02 Personal information control

if data recipients or senders delete the data, it is impossible to restore


HapiCAM is the camera application based on the ‘Data split technology’. It can’t save or open without either sender or receiver’s approval.

01 HapiCAM, What’s different from regular camera apps?

Prevent personal photo leakage

The picture data is immediately split up therefore, the individual picture is impossible to disclose to the public

Prevent illegal photo sharing

In order to save or open the photo, you need permission from either receiver or sender

Photo invalidation

If you delete the users from the friend list, all the chat room pictures will automatically invalidate