WAEM is working hard every day to improving the cyber security world.
DST(Data Split Technology) is a WAEM’s core technology. It originally started as ‘Three Data Split Technology.’ From the beginning, we have been improving and progressed our core technology. Previously, splitting data was an existing concept. However, it is entirely different from our core technology in the technology aspect, “Data Partitioning Splitting Technology.” These are our explanation of technology aspect of our core technology.

This example is a concept of the Three Data Split Technology. Below is our core technology, “Data Partitioning Splitting Technology.


The fundamental difference between the previous picture and Our core technology is our technology completely breaking into multiple pieces instead of three. Therefore, these fragmented data cant be restored entirely without keys. When these puzzles are formed, all the puzzles are formed as anti-sequence. Therefore, it is also hard to reassemble the data without knowing the original sequence. Finally, as a result, unauthorized users are not able to restore the data.


All the data provided will be individuals who should hold that data. Therefore, those data can’t be breached. Even those data has breached, it can’t be accessed by everyone except the person who supposes to access that data.


All the important company data has to hold by a person who produced that data or an authorized user. Therefore, these people the only people who can have fragmented data.

Also, these split data can store not only one person but also a group of people. This means all the fragmented data can store by a group of people.


These fragmented data can’t be access without one person’s approval. Nuclear football can be a good example. To operate nuclear football, it has to approve by both presidents and the secretary of the defense.


First, it can prevent Social Engineering.

People are always the problem. Therefore, splitting data can completely prevent social engineering.


Second, Information providers are also participating in information security.
This security is solely control by the administrator or cyber security analyst, and an individual can involve the security. It will be more secure and safe.


WAEM wants to innovate the Cyber Security world and intends to create a peaceful world guaranteeing Cyber Security.